Alex originally hails from Ventura, California, where she began her performance career as a singer. She recorded several tracks and performed in venues throughout Ventura and Ojai.  However, her passion for acting is what brought her to Portland Oregon, where she has proudly made her home since 2006. She graduated from Lewis and Clark College with her BA in Theater Arts and completed an acting apprenticeship with Portland Playhouse shortly thereafter. In the ensuing years she has integrated herself into the local performing arts community as a successful actor, deviser, and theatre-maker. 

Favorite local acting credits include: The Oregon Trail at Portland Center Stage, Antigone Project at String House and Profile Theatre, Passion Play at Profile and Shaking The Tree Theatres, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, at Portland Playhouse; Dance For a Dollar, at Miracle Theatre; and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, at Post 5 Theatre. She is also passionately dedicated to creating original devised theatre.  Past projects include: …And The Great Refraction, a String House Theatre project; The Peter Pan Project, at Working Theatre Collective; and her original one woman show Songbird, performed at The 1 Festival through Water in the Desert.  Alex is a proud member of String House Theatre, an independent producing title and new works laboratory and a two time Drammy Award nominated company for "Best Devised Production."

Alex has recently taken a dive into film work and you can look for her on Season 3, Episode 20 of the TV show Grimm.

She believes, as a performer, that whatever you put in front of an audience should cost you something. What are you protecting, risking, opening, and how will that change you and the audience when the lights go out?